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Breast Pain – How to Deal With It – ROJoson’s Formulas

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Fibrocystic breast is not a disease! How to recognize!

From Mayo Clinic Accessed: April 19, 2015 Fibrocystic breasts are composed of tissue that feels lumpy or rope-like in texture. Doctors call this nodular or glandular breast tissue. It’s not at all uncommon to have fibrocystic breasts. More than … Continue reading

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Breast Pain – How to Deal

Breast pain is a phenomenon that all women should know how to handle.  It contributes to breast un-wellness or mental anxiety when not properly handled.  It can also cause a delay in diagnosis and even treatment when breast pain is … Continue reading

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One reason why you should have and keep your medical record!

AJ, a 65-year-old female, is about to migrate to the United States.  She was asked to produce a medical record of her previous operation, a breast cancer operation, which was done 25 years old.  I was the one who did … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Survivor Ana Juanillo – 25 Years in Remission

Ms. Ana Juanillo was 40 years old in 1990 when I did a modified radical mastectomy on her breast cancer in the Philippine General Hospital.  There was no postoperative adjuvant treatment whatsoever.   She is now 65 years old. She is … Continue reading

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Who is the Breast Specialist?

This afternoon, a female patient with a bloody nipple discharge came to my clinic after a referral from an obstetrician-gynecologist. After I examined the patient, she asked, “who should I see for my breast problem, the OB-GYN or you, the … Continue reading

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Review of ROJoson Medical Clinic Scheme of Consultation Based on Appointment Time

Review of ROJoson Medical Clinic Scheme of Consultation Based on Appointment Time Reynaldo O. Joson, MD April 3, 2015 Goals: To avoid long-waiting time of patients consulting at ROJoson Medical Clinic. To have a waiting time of patients consulting at … Continue reading

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Butterfly Needle vs Catheter Needle

A patient is for intravenous infusion of drugs which will last for about 20 minutes. Question: Which needle to use?  Butterfly needle or catheter needle? Butterfly needle – Catheter needle – Butterfly needle. Both butterfly needle and catheter needle can … Continue reading

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Cholesteroloses in Gallbladder Need Not To Be Operated Upon

Cholesteroloses in gallbladder need not to be operated upon. Be aware. ROJ@15apr2

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Life Span of Cancer Patients

“They (the patients) set the age target they want to reach. As oncologists, we try to help them (achieve) the best quality of life possible.” ROJ agrees but with the following additional comments, opinions and recommendations on general guidelines on … Continue reading

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