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Therapy Using Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid hormonal therapy means giving or prescribing thyroid hormonal tablets, specifically, levothyroxine. Thyroid hormonal therapy can be done for two purposes: for replacement or  for suppression. Replacement therapy is done when there is insufficient amount of thyroid hormones in the body … Continue reading

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Patients Affixing Signatures on Medical Clinic Records

I am trying to trace when I started the practice of having my patients affix their signatures on medical clinic records that I made for them. I will start with this one.  2005.  I will see my old medical records. … Continue reading

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False-positive and False-negative Rates of Mammograms

False-negative rate – about 1/5 = 20% A false-negative mammogram looks normal even though breast cancer is present. Overall, screening mammograms do not find about 1 in 5 breast cancers. False-positive rate = about 50% About half of the women getting annual … Continue reading

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Medical Surveillance after Primary Treatment of Breast Cancers

After primary treatment of breast cancers (say, surgery, or combination of surgery and chemotherapy, surgery and hormonal therapy, or surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy), there is a need to do medical surveillance to closely observe or monitor for persistence or … Continue reading

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Screening vs Surveillance in Medicine

Screening and surveillance are words that are often encountered in the practice of medicine. Are they synonymous or strictly different?  Personally, I think they are strictly different. Medical screening, in the strictest sense, is a method for detecting disease or … Continue reading

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Unpredictability of the Course of Breast Cancers

Up to the present, nobody including breast specialists can predict the course of the breast cancers.     The course of a breast cancer depends on the biologic behavior of the cancer cells of the individual patients.  Some are slow … Continue reading

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Hemangiosarcoma of the Breast

Hemangiosarcoma of the breast is very rare.  It is a type of breast cancer. I encountered this in a 22-year-old female patient in 2015.  She had a dominant mass with ill-defined border.  I was initially thinking of a severe fibrocystic … Continue reading

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