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Scrutinize your hospital bills – ROJoson Advisory

Scrutinize your hospital bill just as you scrutinize your food bill in restaurants. Error can occur. Just like in this case. There was a computer hitch making double entry charges. The bill should only be about P2500. It was good … Continue reading

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Hemorrhoids – Classification

Servier ROJ@19jan30

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Handwriting for physicians – how it should be

Handwriting by physicians should produce what is to be communicated and what is to communicated should be communicated clearly. What is to be communicated in handwriting should be communicated clearly implies legible handwriting (clear enough to be read) and comprehensible … Continue reading

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Indications for requesting for ultrasound of the breasts

Indications for requesting for ultrasound of the breasts 1. After palpation by a physician, if there is uncertainty whether a dominant mass is present or not (meaning there is unusual thickening or prominence on the breast surface which can be … Continue reading

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Counselling Patients with Terminal Illness

How physicians should counsel patients and relatives with terminal illness It is difficult but it can be done and it should be done with tact. My way – ROJoson’s Way! First, know the diagnosis and extent of disease. Second, know … Continue reading

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First Aid Kit at Home

I have a first-aid kit at home. The contents are as follows: Alcohol Gloves Surgical blade Sutures Needle holder Tweezers or pickups Scissors Gauze of different sizes Medical tape Band-aid Elastic bandages Tourniquet Safety pins These are all for the … Continue reading

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A Patient’s Pain Diary

A Patient’s Pain Diary Mundipharma Circa 1985 Still useful Archived by ROJoson during clutter management (January 2019). ROJ@19jan27

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ROJoson Counting Marbles @65to75@520 at Facebook

ROJoson Counting Marbles @65to75@520 I first posted ROJoson Counting Marbles in Facebook Photo Album in March 2014. marbles is about reminding us of the… Posted by Reynaldo O Joson on Monday, March 31, 2014 I had this title: ROJoson … Continue reading

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Contrasting Circumcision Issues in Two Adults

Posted on April 27, 2017 One adult after having a dorsal slit circumcision during childhood wanted restoration of the foreskin coverage of the glans penis no matter what.  He felt “mutilated” and claimed decreased sensitivity in the glans penis. With restoration of … Continue reading

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Clinical Surveillance of Breast Cancer Recurrence

There are 2 schools of thoughts on surveillance of breast cancer recurrence. One is the symptom-sign-directed surveillance approach.  The other is screening diagnostic-procedure-directed surveillance approach. Symptom-sign-directed surveillance approach is synonymous with clinical surveillance of breast cancer recurrence. Here the physician … Continue reading

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