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Breast Cancer Survivor Urbana Bulayan – 10 Years in Remission

Ms. Urbana Bulayan was 58 years old when I did a modified radical mastectomy on her breast cancer in September 2007.  The histopathology report showed invasive ductal carcinoma 4 cm with negative spread to the axillary lymph node.  She decided … Continue reading

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CDC Guidelines on Surgical Site Infection Prevention – 2017

From: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued updated evidence-based recommendations for preventing surgical site infections (SSIs). The guidelines cover 14 core areas and are intended for incorporation into existing surgical quality improvement programs for greater … Continue reading

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Postoperative analgesics – how I usually prescribe

First, an introduction on analgesics. What are Analgesics Analgesics are medicines that are used to relieve pain (provide analgesia). They are also known as painkillers. Technically, the term analgesic refers to a medication that relieves pain without loss of consciousness, … Continue reading

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Antibiotics prophylaxis is given only when indicated

ROJoson’s Medical Anecdotal Report Date of Observation: September 16, 2017 Dolores C, a 64-year-old female, followed up with me one week after her operation (excision of a submanbibular mass).  The histopath showed chronic sialoadenitis. She commented: “galing galing ninyo doc. … Continue reading

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Concept of Health and Disease – Issues

Posted in Mayo Clinic website: “While there’s no cure for hemophilia, most people with the disease can lead fairly normal lives.” Hemophilia is a rare disorder in which your blood doesn’t clot normally because it lacks sufficient blood-clotting proteins … Continue reading

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Submandibular Gland Sialolithiases

ROJoson’s Medical Anecdotal Report Date of Observation: September 9, 2017 Submandibular gland is a salivary gland. 64-year-old female with a palpable mass at the right submandibular area which has been present for the past 5 years. Ultrasound showed “heavily calcified … Continue reading

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Practice of giving medical records to patients

In my clinic (ROJoson Medical Clinic), I have the practice and habit to give all my patients a duplicate or carbon copy of my notes and explanations. I am still trying to trace when I started doing this, probably circa … Continue reading

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ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations (#42)

C. Casimilo, a 34-year-old female, came to me on August 2017, for a second opinion.  She was recommended to have excision of a 4–cm macrocyst seen on ultrasound.  I just did a needle aspiration.  I obtained 16 cc of serous … Continue reading

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Acute Appendicitis – Pictorials

Early stages of acute appendicitis Focal appendicitis ROJ@17sept1

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Acute Appendicitis with Appendicoliths

ROJoson’s Medical Anecdotal Report Date of Observation: September 1, 2017 A 24-year-old male underwent removal of appendix (appendectomy for appendicitis). Intraoperative findings showed a pelvic appendix with bulbous dilatation at the distal end, inflamed with fibrins on the serosal surface. … Continue reading

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