Prayers of Surgeon and Patient Before Operation

Before an operation, the surgeon and the patient can pray these ways together, one after the other:

For the Surgeon to Pray:

Heavenly Father, please take my hands and guide them.

Grant me the strength to help my patient (NAME).

The knowledge and wisdom to diagnose his/her surgical needs.

The skill to perform the needed operation effectively, efficiently and without complications.

 Please be beside me on this operation as I rely on you, the greatest of healers.


For the Patient to Pray:

Heavenly Father, please grant me full acceptance of the surgery which awaits me.  Let this be the relief which I seek for my medical condition.

Make skilled the work of the surgeon (NAME) and that of his team for it is unto their knowledge and skill that I entrust myself for healing.

I pray that this procedure will be done effectively, efficiently and without complications and that my recovery will be speedy and complete.



I started this patient-surgeon prayer today – 19aug7 – MDH – patient for left hemicolectomy.

When I was doing the surgery, I thought of the prayers that I and my patient prayed just before anesthesia was given. The prayers made me more mindful of what I have to do in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and avoiding complications. After seeing and palpated the cancer and adherent to the peritoneal wall, after seeing the splenic flexure of the colon was high up in the left upper quadrant, I decided to increase the length of my midline incision, at the upper part. This was to reduce the risk of spleen lacerations when I mobilized the splenic flexure. I was successful in avoiding this risk (no resultant bleeding). When I palpated the presence of mesenteric lymph nodes, I slowed down and meticulously included them in the resection avoiding laceration to the big blood vessels. I approached the tumor last carefully excising a good margin of the peritoneal wall and was able to remove the whole tumor en bloc, in one big piece with good margins. When I was doing the intestinal anastomosis, I was mindful and vigilant of doing a good one,ensuring viable ends (with good blood supply and pinkish), placing sutures at a good distance between each other, etc.. In short, doing it effectively, efficiently and vigilant against complications. YES, THE PRAYERS THAT MY PATIENT AND I PRAYED BEFORE ANESTHESIA WAS GIVEN MADE ME MORE MINDFUL OF WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO PROMOTE AN EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT OPERATION AND TO BE VIGILANT AGAINST COMPLICATIONS. I HOPE GOD GRANT US THESE THINGS THAT I AND MY PATIENT ASK.

Prayers for effective, efficient operations, without complications and speedy recovery

Started this practice on 19aug7.

19aug7 – MT – MDH – Left hemicolectomy – Outcome: with complication of anastomotic leak, being managed conservatively (19aug16)

19aug9 – SC – PGH – Total thyroidectomy – Outcome: NO COMPLICATION

19aug14 – AA – PGH – Left hemicolectomy – Outcome: still monitoring

19aug15 – EQ – MDH – Modified radical mastectomy – Outcome: NO COMPLICATION


Patient for thyroidectomy praying with me – 19aug9
Huge thyroid cancer
We prayed for an effective, efficient operation without complications. Operation done within 3 hours with all tumors removed. No need for blood transfusion.


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Patient saved from unnecessary breast operation – JJ (#46)


Patient saved from unnecessary breast operation (#46)

Patient JJ saved from unnecessary breast operation.

JJ came to me and was told by another physician she should have her breast masses removed as soon as possible.  She was told all breast masses should be removed as they may be cancerous.

After I examined her, my primary diagnosis was macrocysts on her right breast (5cm) and left breast (3 cm and 4 cm).  I recommended needle evaluation and aspiration. She agreed.  I was right in my diagnosis as I was able to obtain 12 cc of serous fluid followed by complete disappearance of the right breast mass; 7 cc of serous fluid and 8 cc of serous fluid from her two left breast masses, also followed by complete disappearance of the masses.

JJ was extremely happy that she did not have to undergo operation anymore and the diagnosis was macrocysts, NOT cancer.

She asked to have pictures with me and her husband and also her friend which she posted in her Facebook.





Happy to be of help.
Cannot retired from medical practice yet. Can still be of help.
Avoided an operation for this patient who was told to undergo operation. Just aspirated 3 breast masses which completely disappeared after aspiration of 7cc, 8 cc and 12 cc of grayish fluid.- Macrocysts.


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ROJoson’s Registry of Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operation – 2019

I will resume this registry starting today, July 18, 2019.  I stopped doing the registry in 2018 when Facebook kept on blocking me because my blogs on this topic contained pictures of “nudity” – picture of breast with nipple with a symbol of  unnecessary breast operation.

I will resume this registry today minus the pictures that will be blocked by Facebook.  I started this registry in June 23, 2012 and target was 50 patients.

I will pick up where I stopped in 2018.  I will back-track again.  Most likely, I have reached 50 patients whom I have saved from unnecessary breast operations.

The old files can be seen in the following link:

My criteria for inclusion in my registry consist of the following:

  • Those patients who were previously advised to have a breast operation (one that is more than a needle evaluation and aspiration with or without biopsy) and after my evaluation, I decided it is not needed and the patient appreciated my recommendation.
  • Those patients with BIRADS 4 who were supposed to be operated on by other surgeon but which later turned out to be BIRADS 3 on my repeated evaluation.  Thus, no operations were done.
  • Those patients in which in there is no dominant breast mass and no suspicion for malignancy on imaging procedures and for one reason or another another surgeon recommended operation.  I just advised monitoring and check-up and no operation was done and needed.

Target: 50 patients

No. 1-41: see

No. 42 – 2017 – C. Casimilo

ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations

No. 43 – 2017 – Rkoh

ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations (#43)

No. 44 – 2017 – A.Y.

ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations (#44)

No. 45 – 2018 – Bonita

Patient saved from unnecessary operation – SonitaB – March 2018

No. 46 – 2019 – Javier

Patient saved from unnecessary breast operation – JJ (#46)

History of ROJoson’s Project: ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations – June 23, 2012 (Start of Registry)

Posted on June 23, 2012

Today, June 23, 2012, I had a patient, Elizabeth_C, 40s, a sewer, whom I saved from an unnecessary breast operation.  She had a macrocyst which I just aspirated.   Prior to seeing me, she was advised by another physician to have a breast operation.   No doubt, as a result of what I did, she was very thankful to me as I saved her from an unnecessary breast operation. I have experienced a lot of this kind of situation before, that is, patients advised to have breast operations but which to me are not necessary, either just a needle aspiration is needed or the patient just has a fibrocystic breast condition, which is considered normal.

Today, June 23, 2012, I start a project dubbed as “Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations.”  I will make a registry of patients whom I have saved from unnecessary breast operations.   The main inclusion criterion will be those patients who were previously advised to have a breast operation (one that is more than a needle evaluation and aspiration with or without biopsy) and after my evaluation, I decided it is not needed and the patient appreciated my recommendation.  I will target a total of 50 patients in the registry.  I can backtrack, meaning those patients that I have saved from unnecessary breast operations even before June 23, 2012 can be included in the registry. This will be another legacy that I will leave behind for my patients.  The other one that I have started in December 2011 is the ROJoson’s Cancer Survivors in which I am also using “50″ as a target.   As of December 11, 2012, I already have 50 survivors in the registry.  I have reached my target.  As of June 19, 2019, I already have 139 survivors in the registry. The ROJoson’s Cancer Survivors and the ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations will be two of my end-points in which I can say I have lived a life that matters.


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Fighting disease with exercise

July 13 – 14, 2019

July 13, 2019

I made a house call on my neighbor-friend, Carleen, who was complaining of generalized joint pains, fever and malaise.  I diagnosed her as having flu and advised her what to do – rest, exercise, oral fluid, and paracetamol only if necessary.  Then, I told her for the past four days, I myself have been experiencing symptoms of flu (malaise, sore throat, cough, hoarseness of voice, wet nose, etc.). I felt I was exposed to the virus of a patient with severe flu who had lost her voice and with severe cough and running nose.  When my symptoms started four days ago, I was praying and hoping they would not progress to a more severe degree.  I thought of continuing my daily exercise – walking and stretching and flexing exercise as a strategy to control my flu.  There were days (about 2 days only) that I lessened the amount and length of my usual exercise regimen.  There were days in which I thought of stopping my exercise regimen (I thought of justifying to my FB followers the reason for breaking my daily exercise regimen – to tell them I was sick – which they will readily accept).  However, I told myself, I will continue to exercise to fight off the disease or flu.

In the past 4 or 5 years (circa 2015), I have been claiming that my daily exercise help me in warding off flu.  I usually have one to two bouts of moderate to severe flu per year before 2015.  After I went on daily exercise, there were years that I have zero bouts of flu.  In the years that I had flu, the symptoms were usually mild and I usually continue my daily exercise though to a lesser amount and length.  I have acquired a mind-set that my daily exercise is my way of preventing and fighting diseases, flu in particular.  That is a reason why I don’t subscribe to anti-flu vaccination.  I would recommend exercise over anti-flu vaccination to patients who trust my advices.

Going back to Carleen, I told her that I am using and continuing my daily exercises to fight my flu and to prevent it from progressing.  For the past 4 past days, I have been successful and succeeding.  My flu symptoms are very very mild and they are disappearing now.  I can still operate and hold clinic without any hindrance from my flu. I can still blog and run errands for my wife.

I left Carleen’s house with the repeated and emphasized advice, not to go for complete bed rest despite the joint pains and fever, but to continue to do some amount of exercise such as walking as able to.

July 14, 2019

Morning, while having breakfast with my daughter, I asked her to comment if I were to say “you can fight a disease, especially flu, with exercise.”

I was surprised to hear a very supportive answer.  She said, “Yes, you can. In our high school and college days, me and my friends (she mentioned Tip-tip) would run when we would feel sick.  Our reason is to shed off the virus.”

Wow, this reaction from my daughter alone validates my hypothesis that you can fight off a disease, especially flu.  Aside from flu, you can fight arthritis with exercise.  There are still others reported in the literature, which I will look up in the near future.

Exercise is known and proven to have health benefits such as longevity, prevention of cancer, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, etc.

However, my focus of discussion here in this particular blog is: whether exercise can and should be used and prescribed as a treatment for a disease, especially flu and arthritis.  

I have done this (documented) and my daughter has been this.  I will look for more literature to support my stand.


Found this article to support my stand:

Exercise as a prescription for patients with various diseases


Exercise can be used as an active intervention for the rehabilitationof various diseases.

Exercise therapy could exert positive effects on alleviating the symptoms and improving the physical performance of patients who suffer from these diseases.

Exercise prescriptions could provide guidance for patients to engage in suitable physical activities to promote rehabilitation and physical function.


A growing understanding of the benefits of exercise over the past few decades has prompted researchers to take an interest in the possibilities of exercise therapy. Because each sport has its own set of characteristics and physiological complications that tend to occur during exercise training, the effects and underlying mechanisms of exercise remain unclear. Thus, the first step in probing the effects of exercise on different diseases is the selection of an optimal exercise protocol. This review summarizes the latest exercise prescription treatments for 26 different diseases: musculoskeletal system diseases (low back pain, tendon injury, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and hip fracture), metabolic system diseases (obesity, type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease), cardio-cerebral vascular system diseases (coronary artery disease, stroke, and chronic heart failure), nervous system diseases (Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and anxiety disorders), respiratory system diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, and after lung transplantation), urinary system diseases (chronic kidney disease and after kidney transplantation), and cancers (breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer). Each exercise prescription is displayed in a corresponding table. The recommended type, intensity, and frequency of exercise prescriptions are summarized, and the effects of exercise therapy on the prevention and rehabilitation of different diseases are discussed.


Found another article:

Upper respiratory tract infection is reduced in physically fit and active adults

  1. David C Nieman1,
  2. Dru A Henson2,
  3. Melanie D Austin1,
  4. Wei Sha3


Objective Limited data imply an inverse relationship between physical activity or fitness level and the rates of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). The purpose of this study was to monitor URTI symptoms and severity in a heterogeneous group of community adults and contrast across tertiles of physical activity and fitness levels while adjusting for potential confounders.

Design A group of 1002 adults (ages 18–85 years, 60% female, 40% male) were followed for 12 weeks during the winter and fall seasons while monitoring URTI symptoms and severity using the Wisconsin Upper Respiratory Symptom Survey. Subjects reported frequency of aerobic activity, and rated their physical fitness level using a 10-point Likert scale. A general linear model, with adjustment for seven confounders, was used to examine the effect of exercise frequency and fitness level on the number of days with URTI and severity of symptoms.

Results The number of days with URTI during the 12-week period was significantly reduced, 43% in subjects reporting ≥5 days/week aerobic exercise compared to those who were largely sedentary (≤1 day/week) and 46% when comparing subjects in the high versus low fitness tertile. URTI severity and symptomatology were also reduced 32% to 41% between high and low aerobic activity and physical fitness tertiles.


Conclusions Perceived physical fitness and frequency of aerobic exercise are important correlates of reduced days with URTI and severity of symptoms during the winter and fall common cold seasons.


Supported by personal experience and studies in the literature,





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Miraculous Cures


Miraculous Cures

ROJoson’s TPORs (Thoughts, Perceptions, Opinions, and Recommendations)

“Curing every disease and illness”

Majority of this week’s Bible Gospel readings are on Jesus’ “curing every disease and illness.”

Mt. 9:18-26; Mt. 9:32-39; Mt. 10:1-7; Mt. 10:7-15

The curing of every disease and illness by Jesus Christ and his apostles and disciples was by supernatural means or what we can call “miracle cures.”  The curing done by them defy medical knowledge.

Question 1:

Were all people during the time of Jesus Christ cured of disease and illness when He saw them and when the sick approach Him? 

Personally, I don’t think so. However, I still have to search the literature.

One, it is said that the miracle cures done by Jesus during his stint on earth was not done with the goal of curing every people of disease and illness.  It was more of sending a message  – that He is the God;  He has the power to cure disease and illness using supernatural means; etc.

Paul had a problem with his eyesight that God never healed.   The Lazarus who was raised from the dead eventually died later. Paul says that he had a thorn in the flesh which he prayed for God to remove over and over again, but God never removed it. Job suffered because God had a whole bigger purpose for him than mere comfort on this planet. And Job’s suffering was not the result of a lack of faith.

Two, I think those who were miraculously cured of their diseases eventually died for one reason or another, either with the recurrence of the same disease or another disease.  Lazarus eventually died. All the people or patients cured by Jesus Christ eventually died.

Three, it is said that Jesus Christ did not do miraculous cure because of lack of faith of the people.  Mark 6:5 – Jesus could not do great healings because of a lack of faith of the people (see Mk 6:5-6 – “And he could there do no mighty work. . . because of their unbelief”)

Fr. James McTavish, MD, FMVD said: “Jesus did not cure all disease and sickness once and for all.”

Question 2:

Were there miracle cures occurring after Jesus Christ died?

Personally, I say yes. As a physician and surgeon for the past 40 years or so, I have witnessed Filipino patients who suddenly recovered from the dying stage and whose cancer suddenly disappearing for which I could not offer any sound medical explanation.  This occurrence of miraculous cures is rare though.

Second, we know that the ecclesial process of canonization of saints relies on two miracles – stringently verified – as evidence of a saint’s heavenly intercession.  Majority of these canonization miracles involve miracle cures.

Question 3:

Will all people with disease and illness be cured if they pray for miraculous cure?

The answer is clearly NO.

We have seen a lot of patients including saints dying despite their prayers for cure.

Second, in the Bible, nowhere is there a passage that says or even implies that God will grant every petition for a miraculous sign.

Third, it is said, that God has a reason if prayers for miraculous cures are not granted.

Question 4:

How often do miracle cures occur?

RARE and miracles don’t happen on schedule.

Question 5:

Should we always pray for a miraculous cure for our disease and illness?

YES, who knows the prayer may end up with a positive outcome.  However, only hope and do not expect it to be answered all the time.

Question 6:

How do miraculous cures occur?

If you believe there is a Divine Being to whom you can pray to and/or a saint who can intercede for you, try PRAYERS AND FERVENT PRAYER.  THEN HOPE FOR IT TO HAPPEN.

If you are an atheist and even if you are not, if you define and believe miracle as unlikely thing but can happen in this world that cannot be attributed to a specific cause, then RELY ON CHANCE to occur or LUCK.


ROJoson’s Other Notes:

I have been praying the rosary whenever I do my daily walking exercises in my village starting circa 2014 (or even earlier).  With 3 to 5-km walk, I can recite 5 cycles of rosary.

Sample: For July 12, 2019:

While doing my walking exercise, I pray the rosary in this sequence:

1 cycle – for all my CANCER patients; for the miraculous healing of JL, FY, WL, HG, TE, Atty. E, MT, and others for those with difficult cancers to treat; for continued remission of those in remissions; for those with recurrences, in advanced and in terminal stages, not to suffer much if cannot be controlled anymore.
1 cycle – for the ETERNAL REPOSE of the souls of my parents; parents-in-law; relatives; patients; and friends who have recently died (especial mention: GT, PM, ER, DA, GL, CM, RM, RR, EF., GG, IL, and EA)
1 cycle – for the health and well-being of my family (to be able to reach 70 years old at least and living life to the fullest with contentment).
1 cycle – for the health and well-being of my brothers and sisters and their families and my in-laws’ families (to be able to reach 70 years old at least and living life to the fullest with contentment).
1 cycle – for me to be able to implement and accomplish successfully my 2nd intentional life plan (2019-2024); to be able to stay alive and not crippled up to 75 years old at least;to be able to fulfill what I should be doing in 2019; for more people to understand my model of intentional life living; and also for other special people not mentioned above (AC – for a successful kidney transplant operation in August; SF and RBJ – for a successful written exam on July 14, 2019)
Notice my 1st cycle is for all my cancer patients.  I pray for the miraculous healing for those patients whom I think are in the advanced terminal, and incurable stage.  I pray that if a miraculous healing is not granted, they do not suffer much when they die.  This much I can do – pray and hope that a miraculous healing be granted upon these patients.  Thy will be done.
For those in remission, I pray for their continued remission.  Again, praying and hoping and ready to say thy will be done if continued remission is not granted.


Important read:

Faith Healing – ROJoson

In this day and age, should people always seek medical treatment from certified physicians or just pray or do both?

If a patient is healed of an incurable disease through prayer and exercise of faith in God, it is considered a miracle. Miraculous healing may still occur nowadays but it is very rare.

ROJoson’s TPOR:

All patients with a remediable medical condition should do self-treatment or seek assistance from physicians or medical practitioners rather than just purely rely on prayer and an exercise of faith.  They can complement the self-treatment and treatment by physicians or medical practitioners with prayers and exercise of faith though (praying and hoping that they will be successfully healed).


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Breast Cancer Survivor Richilda Durana – 15 Years in Remission

I saw Ms. Richilda Durana recently for check-up of her breast cancer.  She flew in from Cotabato City.

She is now 15 years in remission and going 16 already.

In 2014, I posted the following:

Ms. Richilda Durana from Cotabato City had a breast cancer for which I did a modified radical mastectomy in March 13, 2004 in Manila Doctors Hospital.    Breast cancer mass was 3 cm and axillary nodes were negative for spread.  She did not receive any adjuvant treatment after the operation.  I saw her recently when she came to me for her annual check-up.  She is now 61  years old  and 10 years in remission.  We both thank God for this long remission.

Here was our picture in 2014:

richilda_durano_14nov4 (1)

Our latest picture together in July 2019 (5 year after from 2014):


She is now 66 years old – 15 years in remission and going 16 years.

I remember teaching her how to do an intentional life plan targeting 70 years old.  She has 4 years to go in the implementation of her intentional life plan.  So far so good, 15 years in remission, without chemotherapy, without hormonal therapy.

Ms. Richilda asked me to post our pictures to give inspiration to other people, especially Filipinos.


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Reactions and Feedback – Booked Appointment in ROJoson Medical Clinic

June 30, 2019 – I posted my monthly booked performance report for June 2019.

Here are some reactions:


15may16 – When I was making rounds at ManilaMed at 8am, while waiting in the elevator, I overheard a lady saying to the effect that her boss asked her to go to ManilaMed early to queue in a doctor’s clinic as the doctor’s system of seeing patients is on a basis of first come first serve. She said she would just call her boss to go to ManilaMed when it’s about time the doctor is ready to see her boss. This reminds me of the new system I am doing since February 1, 2015 for my patient consultation – booking for an appointment time. After 3 months of deployment with pilot testing and orientation, I am happy with the result. Those who booked for an appointment time are being seen as early as the booked appointment time without waiting to some waiting, but not for more than one hour. I got no negative but only positive feedback. I am happy to see I am doing a big service to my patients, not to waste their precious time just waiting for doctors. Patients, just like doctors, have their own life to live and want and should be given the right to manage their time in living their life to the fullest. This is another legacy I like to leave to my patients.

18apr26 – Sir goodmorning po. This is Michelle Galang-Melendez po, one of your former surgery residents in OMMC. Sir I saw your strategy in preventing long waiting period for patient in your facebook account. I think its very patient friendly and would prevent future legal problem on our part. I would like to ask permission po from you so I could use it, though I would edit some parts po to fit in the province. Sir is it ok if I “copy” it. Thank you po for lending some of your time reading this. (18apr26 Feedback)

18jul19 – Ramon Unchuan Brod, kudos 2u. I think u are the only one who has an appointment system, FMAB & Cebu doctors don’t have! And u can wait for hours! I practiced for 30 years in Sweden: 30 minutes is max the patient for the appointment time, otherwise consultation fee is refunded & the patient can continue to wait OR gets a new time the next day! No show patient will be sent a bill for consultation fee! If the patient comes 10 min. LATE the physician will not see him, & will have to pay the CONSULTATION FEE!

Violeta Chua Reyes Saludo ako sa yo doc. I had experienced 5 hrs waiting time before with another doctor. 1st, because she was 2 hrs late from her scheduled clinic hr. 2nd, she only accepts walk in patients to be registered upon arrival. I never returned to her clinic. (18jul31 Feedback)

Linda Veniga I wish most doctors would do the same! Kudos to you Dr Joson.


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