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Psoriasis and Cancers

There are reports saying that patients with psoriasis have increased risk for other cancers. I have a patient (BA) who is now in the 80s who has breast cancer in 1998 before the appearance of her psoriasis and who … Continue reading

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Classification of Wounds – Guides to Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Wound 1 – Clean wound: An uninfected operative wound in which no inflammation is encountered and the respiratory, alimentary, genital, or uninfected urinary tracts are not entered. In addition, clean wounds are primarily closed and, if necessary, drained with closed drainage. Operative incisional wounds … Continue reading

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Options in Medical Management of a Patient and Selection Process

Options in the medical management of a patient means there are various alternatives in the diagnosis and and treatment that may be considered and may be chosen. In the medical management of a patient, there is no such thing as … Continue reading

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