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Palpate for a dominant breast mass

When palpating the breasts to see if there is a lump or a mass that will be a cause for alarm, look for a dominant breast mass. One has to differentiate between lumpy or nodular breast surface and a true lump … Continue reading

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Uncertainty in Pathology Reports – The Reality and How to Deal

It is a reality that in the pathologist community (pathologists both here and abroad) use phrases of uncertainty in the diagnostic line.  Such situation is usually seen in biopsy or sampling specimens.   Some of the phrases of uncertainty include … Continue reading

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“No queues, by appointment only”

I am happy to see this in Philippine Health Agenda – 2016 to 2022 (or Duterte Health Agenda  – 2016-2022). “No queues, by appointment only” My advocacy also since February 2015. See:—september-2016 October 2016 Resolution: I can now reduce … Continue reading

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How to Do Physical Examination of the Breasts

This gallery contains 26 photos.

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Not doing regular breast self-exam because of fear of discovering something

One of the reasons why breast cancers are discovered late is because of this statement usually made by patients when advised to do regular breast self-exam: “I am afraid of doing breast self-exam because I may discover something which may … Continue reading

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Breast Fibroadenomas: Gross Appearances

Breast fibroadenomas are non-cancerous breast tumors.  They are the most common benign breast tumors. They are circumscribed.  They have well-defined borders. On cut-section, the tumor is white-greyish, lobulated or cauliflower-like resemblance, with a whorl-like pattern and irregularly slit-like spaces. 7-cm fibrodenoma … Continue reading

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Reconciling the grading system of goiter of yesteryears with that of World Health Organization of 1994

Reconciling the grading system of yesteryears with that of WHO on goiter. The classification of goitre, used in the 80s of the 20th century, with regards to its size determined by palpation is the following: Grade 0 – no goitre … Continue reading

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