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Medical Recordings in the Medical Clinic

It is important to have informative medical recordings in the medical clinic to facilitate communication between and among physician colleagues (particularly in the setting of multiple physicians seeing one patient).  In addition, informative medical recordings are important to facilitate physician’s … Continue reading

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The Art of Assisting in Operations

The Art of Assisting in Operations Posted on October 29, 2018by reyojoson The Art of Assisting in Operations Reynaldo O. Joson, MD First Written in April 15, 1988 (updated in October 28, 2018) In any surgical operations, there is a main actor who … Continue reading

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Self-examination – palpating for lumps in your body

Look for a dominant mass! If present, red flag – consult a physician as soon as possible!     ROJ@19may27  

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PCS-AHMOPI USA Signed_2019 Excerpts:   PCS-AHMOPI Info sheet_2019 (2) PCS-AHMOPI Complaint Form_2019 (1) PhilHealth Case Rates Medical Case Rates AnnexA-MedicalCaseRates Procedural Case Rates  Annex2_ListOfProcedureCaseRates rvs2009 ROJ@19may27

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Patients’ Prayers

Updated: 19aug5 Formulated by ROJoson 2014 2019 Links: 2019 Prayer Before Surgery 1 Prayer Before Surgery 2 Before an operation, the surgeon and the patient can pray these ways together, one after the other: For the Surgeon to … Continue reading

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ROJoson’s Preferred Medical Specialists Team

Started May 22, 2019 this project (ROJoson’s Preferred Medical Specialists Team) as one of my ways to help regular employees with their medical concerns (getting the right medical specialists and managing medical expenses).  This is also an offshoot of the … Continue reading

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PhilHealth Case Rates – ROJoson’s TPORs


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Breast Cancer Survivor Jennifer Pereyra– 12 Years in Remission

Ms. Jennifer Pereyra was 33 years old in 2007 when she underwent modified radical mastectomy by me.  Histopath showed invasive ductal carcinoma.  The primary tumor was about 4 cm. Nodes were negative for metastasis.  ERA / PRA were negative.  She … Continue reading

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