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Variable Sonographic Appearances of Galactocoeles

March 21, 2017, I encountered a 29-year-old lactating female with a left breast mass of about 3-4 cm.  She noted the mass one month before giving birth (November 2017).  An ultrasound was done in January 2017 which showed 2-cm solid … Continue reading

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Colorectal Cancers – ROJoson’s Collection

ROJoson’s Collection of Colorectal Cancers Sigmoid cancer (adenocarcinoma) – note the fungating mass Close-up view Sigmoid cancer (adenocarcinoma) – note the fungating mass   Will add more in the future.   ROJ@17mar22

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Gross Appearances of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma – ROJoson’s Collection

Knowing the gross appearances of thyroid nodules is useful for the surgeon’s intraoperative diagnosis. Here is my collection of gross appearances of papillary thyroid carcinomas. Left lobe – cut section – papillary thyroid carcinoma – soft solid, no gross cystic areas, … Continue reading

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People who exercise regularly are less likely to get upper respiratory tract infections

Today, March 20, 2017, while I was researching again on upper respiratory tract infections, I came across these statements: “people who exercise regularly are less likely to get upper respiratory tract infections or if they do, the symptoms are less severe.” … Continue reading

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Transient Non-specific Medical Conditions

In the practice of medicine, a physician will encounter two categories of medical conditions.  One is the so-called transient non-specific medical condition and the other is the specific medical condition. A transient non-specific medical condition is a phenomenon in which … Continue reading

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Transient Non-specific Pain

Transient pain, random pain, spontaneous pain, non-specific pain, etc. – these are terms which can be used to mean the same thing. Transient pain is the feeling of ache in any part of the body which lasts for a short … Continue reading

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Teaching and Empowering Patients – Pulse Rate

I usually teach and empower patients to take care of their own health. Case in point: Teaching and empowering them to take and monitor pulse rate, especially when they feel palpitations or when taking levothyroxine (a thyroid drug). ROJ@17mar18

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