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Correlation of all patient data and information to come out with a working diagnosis


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Laypeople’s approach on how to “interpret” reports of mammography – some tips

First written in August 6, 2017; updated – May 27, 2018 Mammographies or x-ray of the breasts are being done frequently.  Patients have copies of the reports and try to look or even “interpret” what are written or stated there.  … Continue reading

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Armpit Furuncle and Folliculitis

Inflammation and infection of hairs in the armpit leads to armpit furuncle (singe hair follicle is involved) and armpit folliculitis (multiple hair follicles are involved). Most women remove their armpit hairs.  Regardless of types of methods of armpit hair removal … Continue reading

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Sample of Prescription with Legible Handwriting


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Surface Body Mass – An Algorithm – ROJoson

Retrieved this old file – circa 1994 Still apt. 18may25 – Addition: An ill-defined margin of a non-bony surface mass can be used as a basis for suspecting malignancy. ROJ@18may25

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Usual Schedule of Professional Fees of HMOs in the Philippines – 2018

Professional fees for outpatient services: Consultation Fee – P350 / visit Professional Fees for surgical and gynecologic cases: These fees will be based on the Relative Unit Value (R.U.V.) published by the Philippine College of Surgeons (2009) OPD Ward                                                           … Continue reading

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Use of Probability in Clinical Diagnosis

I am happy to see this note from the website of John Hopkins Breast Cancer.  In particular, I am happy to see the word “probability.”  It jibes with my usual practice of giving estimates of probability or certainty of clinical … Continue reading

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