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Correlation of all patient data and information to come out with a working diagnosis


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Laypeople’s approach on how to “interpret” reports of mammography – some tips

First written in August 6, 2017; updated – May 27, 2018 Mammographies or x-ray of the breasts are being done frequently.  Patients have copies of the reports and try to look or even “interpret” what are written or stated there.  … Continue reading

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Armpit hair inflammation and infection

Updated: 20may19 Armpit hair inflammation and infection Terms used: Armpit folliculitis – superficial inflammation / infection of hair follicle (hair pore) – superficial inflammation – at the level of the epidermis Multiple folliculitis with starting furunculosis Armpit furuncle or boil … Continue reading

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Sample of Prescription with Legible Handwriting


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Surface Body Mass – An Algorithm – ROJoson

Retrieved this old file – circa 1994 Still apt. 18may25 – Addition: An ill-defined margin of a non-bony surface mass can be used as a basis for suspecting malignancy. ROJ@18may25

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Usual Schedule of Professional Fees of HMOs in the Philippines – 2018

Professional fees for outpatient services: Consultation Fee – P350 / visit Professional Fees for surgical and gynecologic cases: These fees will be based on the Relative Unit Value (R.U.V.) published by the Philippine College of Surgeons (2009) OPD Ward                                                           … Continue reading

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Use of Probability in Clinical Diagnosis

I am happy to see this note from the website of John Hopkins Breast Cancer.  In particular, I am happy to see the word “probability.”  It jibes with my usual practice of giving estimates of probability or certainty of clinical … Continue reading

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