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Fear of chemotherapy leads to delayed consultation and treatment in breast cancer – have to control

I have seen a lot of Filipino breast cancer patients who consulted for the first time in my clinic with their cancers already in the late and advanced stage.  The breast cancers usually are more than 5 cm in size, … Continue reading

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DOH Breast Cancer Medicines Access Program at PGH

Below is the process for referring breast cancer patients to the DOH chemo program in PGH Breast Care Center: 1. Establish tissue diagnosis. Should only be the ff: invasive ductal carcinoma, medullary, invasive lobular, mucinous, tubular 2. Establish patient’s stage. … Continue reading

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Risk for Emesis (Nausea and Vomiting) with Chemotherapy Agents

Risk Assessment in Life; Patient Management; Hospital Management Every thing we do in life has a risk.  Every situation we face in life has a risk. Risk is the probability of harm or loss. Risk is a probability or threat … Continue reading

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