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Nipple mass – intraductal papilloma – 17aug19

33-year-old female with a nipple mass, no nipple discharge. Histopath: Papillary neoplasm, consider intraductal papilloma Showing the mass on the surface of the nipple – firm, at about 7 mm in diameter. After excision of the mass. Specimen – whole … Continue reading

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Macrocyst of the breast to be treated with needle aspiration, not excision

ROJoson’s Medical Anecdotal Report Date of Observation: September 2, 2017 A 34-year-old female with a 4-cm macrocyst (big cyst) on the left breast (diagnosed by physical examination and ultrasound) was told by a surgical oncologist that, if she wants, she … Continue reading

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Not all lesions on the breast are breast diseases

There are a lot of medical conditions involving the breasts.  These can be generally categorized into primary breast diseases (such as breast cancer, fibroadenoma and breast abscess) or not primary breast diseases (such as mole and cancer on the skin … Continue reading

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