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Breast Cancer Survivor NenitaM – 10 Years in Remission

NenitaM underwent partial mastectomy in November 6, 2009 in Manila Doctors Hospital. She was 52 years old then.  She had a frozen section done but result was non-committal. So a wide excision was done. After the operation, the histopathology showed … Continue reading

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Prayers of ROJoson and Patient Before Operation

Prayers of Surgeon and Patient Before Operation Before an operation, the surgeon and the patient can pray these ways together, one after the other: For the Surgeon to Pray: Heavenly Father, please take my hands and guide them. Grant me the … Continue reading

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Thyroid Disorders – “You doctors are so confusing”

Retrieved and saved this from my yahoogroups post written in September 2011 September 3, 2011, in my Saturday clinic in MDH, I had a patient with a thyroid concern.  He has a 4-cm nodule on the right lobe of his … Continue reading

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Buying Medicine in Drugstore – Quantity – ROJoson Medical Clinic Advisory

ROJOSON MEDICAL CLINIC ADVISORY BUYING MEDICINE IN DRUGSTORES – QUANTITY Buying the quantity of drugs prescribed by the physician You are and should not be required to buy the exact quantity of drugs after you are given a prescription by … Continue reading

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Gestures of Excellent Patient Experience

I consider the following as gestures of excellent patient experience with me: Delightful Feedback to ME Gifts (Foods and others) Pictures with ME (ROJoson’s Patient-Fans) Hugging Delightful Feedback to ME Gifts (Foods and others) Pictures with ME (ROJoson’s … Continue reading

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ROJoson Medical Clinic Notices in Facebook – 2018 Continual Refinement

Will continue to post ROJoson Medical Clinic notices on clinic schedule and changes in schedule in Facebook. I think I started posting ROJoson Medical Clinic notices in Facebook in 2013.  Here is the evidentiary record.  I have been doing this … Continue reading

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Advance notices on NO clinic sessions – ROJoson Medical Clinic

See Update below  – 19dec26 Objective: to help patients from the provinces and also from other countries (such as Middle East) in planning their trips to see me in Manila.  19oct1 AC, from Butuan City, came for a check-up today … Continue reading

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