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Selective neck dissection – thyroid cancer

KB ROJ@18nov30

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Breast Cancer Survivor Arsenia Sandoval – 13 Years in Remission

Ms. Arsenia Sandoval from Batangas was 51 years old when I did a modified radical mastectomy on her breast cancer in 2005.  The histopath showed mucinous carcinoma. The size of tumor was 2 cm and nodes were negative.  She did … Continue reading

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Use of my body masses to illustrate dominant masses to patients and students

In my body, there are several masses which I have been using to teach patients and medical students in detecting dominant masses. I have a mass on my left forearm about 2 cm which has been present for more 20 … Continue reading

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Project Pulse Rate (Radial Pulse Rate)

Today, November 15, 2018, I embark on a Project which I dub as Project Pulse Rate.  I will teach my patients on how to feel and count their radial pulse rate.  This will be part of my Patient Education and … Continue reading

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Dressing after a thyroidectomy

For those without a rubber drain, a clean scarf or large handkerchief over a thyroidectomy wound can be placed or recommended as early as the first day postop. Patient can wet wound first day postop. She can take a full … Continue reading

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Gross Appearance of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma


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ROJoson Medical Clinic – Manila Doctors Hospital

ROJOSON MEDICAL CLINIC – MANILA DOCTORS HOSPITAL 18nov6 This has been my clinic in Manila Doctors Hospital since 1984 or 1985 (33 to 34 years already as of 2018) with Dr. Rody Sy (a cardiologist and my classmate in UPCM … Continue reading

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In a general surgical clinic, what are the surgical supplies and equipment to stock up?

I am a general surgeon.  I have been in private practice for 36 years now (as of November 2018). I have several private surgical clinics in the past but now limited to one, in Manila Doctors Hospital. As to the … Continue reading

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