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Lidocaine Infiltration – Some Notes

Lidocaine infiltration means injection of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, mucosal or submucosal tissues with lidocaine for purpose of anesthesia. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic commonly marketed in the Philippines as Xylocaine. Nowadays, Xylocaine preparation for infiltration in the Philippine market … Continue reading

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Avoiding Leg Edema through Exercises

Sitting and standing for a long time can cause edema of the legs. I have tried to mitigate it by not sitting and standing too long without breaks and I also do some stretching and bending of my legs and … Continue reading

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Watchful Waiting as a Treatment Modality for Medical Conditions

Observation and monitoring (OAM) as a treatment modality for medical conditions means that an appproach of watchful waiting (WW) or watch and wait (WAW) or wait and see (WAS) is utilized for a medical condition that will most likely or … Continue reading

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Incisions for Neck Dissection in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

There are several incisions that a surgeon can use in the neck dissection of papillary thyroid carcinomas.  The two most common are the hockey-stick incision and the transverse incision. Nowadays, I rarely use a hockey-stick incision.  Usually a long single … Continue reading

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How Patients Keep Their Medical Records

I usually ask my patients to bring their previous medical records when they consult me. Here are examples of how patients keep their previous medical records.     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Collated and Summarized Reports xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Here is an example of a very and … Continue reading

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Radiotherapy Facilities in the Philippines – March 2016 – April 2017

2017 Updated List and Map of Radiotherapy Facilities in the Philippines – A Public Service of ROJoson Medical Clinic This map was shared to me by a radiotherapy friend – Dr. Henri Co. The Linac of Philippine General Hospital and … Continue reading

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Cost in Practice Guidelines

I am happy to see cost is now formally inputted in the decision-making in patient management and in practice guidelines of NCNN. In my patient management process which I designed circa 1990, I have been using BRCA in problem-solving and … Continue reading

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