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Gross Total Thyroidectomy and Postop Radioactive Iodine Scan

When I do grossly total thyroidectomy on a patient with a thyroid cancer, when I do a postoperative radioactive iodine scan, there are usually foci of RAI uptake.  In the past, about 30 years ago, when I would run after … Continue reading

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Diagnosis and Medical Diagnosis

Diagnosis and Medical Diagnosis The word “diagnosis” is always used in medicine by physicians and other health care professionals. All patients and potential patients should be familiar with the meaning of the word “diagnosis” so that there will be a … Continue reading

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Draining an abscess post-mastectomy

How to drain an abscess post-mastectomy Fluctuant area as outlined with pus coming out from an opening on the wound. Needle aspiration of pus. See pus coming from the opening on the wound. After near-complete drainage of abscess Placing two … Continue reading

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Skin Abrasions – ROJoson’s Experience

Skin abrasions are scrapes or scratches of the superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis. See the different layers of the skin.   In January 18, 2017, after I got abrasions on my forearms, I wrote: Immediate treatment of abrasions, regardless … Continue reading

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Multinodular Toxic Goiter, Multinodular Colloid Adenomatous Goiter, and Papillary Carcinoma

A Filipino female being treated as multinodular toxic goiter (based on elevation of FT4 and depression of TSH and multinodular goiter). Underwent an operation – January 2017. Intraoperative Findings: Multiple colloid adenomatous nodules and nodularly enlarged thyroid gland, bilateral 1-cm … Continue reading

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Medical Recording in the Clinic

In the medical clinic, when a physician sees patients, he / she has to do medical recording or medical records. Medical recording will be operationally defined as making records of findings, treatment, plans, and advices of a physician after he … Continue reading

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Who are the specialists to see if there is a breast concern? General Surgeons

In the Philippines, I notice that female patients with a breast concern are at a loss on which specialists to consult. Answer: General Surgeons. Why general surgeons? General surgeons are the only specialists in the Philippines who have extensive training … Continue reading

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Masakit, Makirot, and Pain

Oftentimes, we physicians ask patients where it hurts and how painful it is. After an operation, we surgeons ask patients whether it still hurts and how severe it is. In Tagalog dialect, we ask “masakit ho ba ang operasyon ninyo? … Continue reading

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Abnormal Lymph Node Enlargement on the Neck

When one palpated an abnormal lymph node or nodes on the neck, the differential diagnosis consist of the following: Reactive hyperplasia Malignant lymphadenopathy, either primary  (lymphoma) or secondary (metastatic) TB lymphadenopathy Though not foolproof, the following clinical diagnostic algorithm is … Continue reading

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ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations

A. Ocampo in 1995 was supposed to be operated for a breast mass by another surgeon. She was 47 years old then.  I just aspirated her macrocyst.  No need for an operation. I reaspirated in 1996 and 1999.  As of … Continue reading

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