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Diagnosed and treated with needle aspiration. ROJ@18apr15

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Galactocoele with Inspissated Contents

Lobulated cystic mass With fibrosis of a duct Inspissated contents   Cystic mass at the left breast. ROJ@18apr14;18apr15

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Variable Sonographic Appearances of Galactocoeles

March 21, 2017, I encountered a 29-year-old lactating female with a left breast mass of about 3-4 cm.  She noted the mass one month before giving birth (November 2017).  An ultrasound was done in January 2017 which showed 2-cm solid … Continue reading

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Galactocoele, Fibroadenoma and Incision

A 29-year-old presented with a discrete 3-cm mass on her right breast.  She nursed a child 2 years prior.  The ultrasound showed solid well-circumscribed mass.  The primary preoperative diagnosis was a fibroadenoma. The plan of the operation was an excision … Continue reading

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