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Prayers of Surgeon and Patient Before Operation

Before an operation, the surgeon and the patient can pray these ways together, one after the other: For the Surgeon to Pray: Heavenly Father, please take my hands and guide them. Grant me the strength to help my patient (NAME). … Continue reading

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Patient saved from unnecessary breast operation – JJ (#46)

19jul18 Patient saved from unnecessary breast operation (#46) Patient JJ saved from unnecessary breast operation. JJ came to me and was told by another physician she should have her breast masses removed as soon as possible.  She was told all … Continue reading

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ROJoson’s Registry of Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operation – 2019

I will resume this registry starting today, July 18, 2019.  I stopped doing the registry in 2018 when Facebook kept on blocking me because my blogs on this topic contained pictures of “nudity” – picture of breast with nipple with … Continue reading

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Fighting disease with exercise

July 13 – 14, 2019 July 13, 2019 I made a house call on my neighbor-friend, Carleen, who was complaining of generalized joint pains, fever and malaise.  I diagnosed her as having flu and advised her what to do – … Continue reading

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Miraculous Cures

19jul12 Miraculous Cures ROJoson’s TPORs (Thoughts, Perceptions, Opinions, and Recommendations) “Curing every disease and illness” Majority of this week’s Bible Gospel readings are on Jesus’ “curing every disease and illness.” Mt. 9:18-26; Mt. 9:32-39; Mt. 10:1-7; Mt. 10:7-15 The curing … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Survivor Richilda Durana – 15 Years in Remission

I saw Ms. Richilda Durana recently for check-up of her breast cancer.  She flew in from Cotabato City. She is now 15 years in remission and going 16 already. In 2014, I posted the following: Ms. Richilda Durana from Cotabato … Continue reading

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Reactions and Feedback – Booked Appointment in ROJoson Medical Clinic

June 30, 2019 – I posted my monthly booked performance report for June 2019. Here are some reactions:—no-long-waiting-time-in-clinic—a-legacy Reynaldo O JosonMay 17, 2015 · 15may16 – When I was making rounds at ManilaMed at 8am, while waiting in … Continue reading

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