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Physical Examination, Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Diagnosis of Thyroid Disorder – Part 3 of Physical Examination

Physical Examination and Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Diagnosis of Thyroid Disorder Diagnosis is an end-of-assessment statement on condition of the human body and its part – whether normal or abnormal; if abnormal, what kind of abnormality is suspected. Diagnoses are … Continue reading

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ROJoson’s Notes on Terminal Cancer

Terminal Cancer Definition: Cancer that cannot be cured and leads to death. Also called end-stage cancer. An advanced stage of a malignant neoplastic disease with death as the inevitable prognosis.   Early staged cancers Advanced staged cancers Terminal staged cancers   To be continued ROJ@18jun4

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Different Physicians – Different and Same Outcomes of Medical Care

This is a reality. Patients being treated by different physicians will end up with different or the same outcomes of medical care. This reality is illustrated in this slide. ROJ@18jun3 Different Physicians – Different and Same Outcomes

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Correlation of all patient data and information to come out with a working diagnosis


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Laypeople’s approach on how to “interpret” reports of mammography – some tips

First written in August 6, 2017; updated – May 27, 2018 Mammographies or x-ray of the breasts are being done frequently.  Patients have copies of the reports and try to look or even “interpret” what are written or stated there.  … Continue reading

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Armpit Furuncle and Folliculitis

Inflammation and infection of hairs in the armpit leads to armpit furuncle (singe hair follicle is involved) and armpit folliculitis (multiple hair follicles are involved). Most women remove their armpit hairs.  Regardless of types of methods of armpit hair removal … Continue reading

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Sample of Prescription with Legible Handwriting


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