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Self-Examination of Your Body Advisories – 2018 Breast Self-exam ROJ@17sept1;18feb28  

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Palpation of the Thyroid Gland – Part 2 of the Physical Examination

Palpation Palpation means putting the fingers on the neck and feeling the thyroid gland.  The first objective is to validate the findings on inspection and the second objective is to examine further the thyroid gland to gather more data that … Continue reading

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Inspection of the Thyroid Gland – Part 1 of the Physical Examination

Inspection Inspection means looking at the neck for unusual bulge at the area where the thyroid is usually located, that is, at the central neck.  This unusual bulge may suggest the presence of a thyroid disorder. One can look at … Continue reading

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Minimum Tools in Physical Examination and Physical Diagnosis of the Thyroid Gland

Physical examination of the thyroid gland entails at least inspection and palpation of the thyroid gland.  At times, auscultation of the thyroid gland may be done particularly in patients with huge diffuse enlargement of the gland wherein hyperthyroidism is suspected.  … Continue reading

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Chlorhexidine gluconate vs ordinary wash product for preoperative body bath

OPTIONS IN MEDICAL MANAGEMENT Before an operation, patients are advised to take a bath in an attempt to reduce the risk of surgical site infection. Current practices being done by surgeons and hospitals: Chlorhexidine gluconate (exemplified by Esonex Shower / … Continue reading

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