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Breast Cancer Survivor Anna Marie Cruz – 10 Years in Remission

Dr. Anna Marie Cruz, a pediatrician, was 40 years old when I did a modified radical mastectomy on her breast cancer in February 8, 2007.  She received chemotherapy postoperatively.  She came to see me on February 9, 2017 to proudly … Continue reading

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Pallliation with Hope

Here is a nice article: Hope Is Palliative I agree. I call it palliation with hope. Treat the terminally-ill patient with palliative measures but still with hope for recovery albeit small. A tall order for any physician and patients … Continue reading

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When do we say that a thyroid gland is enlarged?

Introduction on the thyroid gland A thyroid gland is a butterfly- or H-shaped organ located in front of the center of the neck. It usually consists of 2 lobes, right and left lobes adjacent to the side of the trachea … Continue reading

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