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Two Parameters for Legible Handwriting in the Medical Setting

Two Parameters for Legible Handwriting in the Medical Setting Handwriting is a communication activity that we cannot escape doing unless our hands are crippled to the point that we cannot write. Even with the presence of typewriters, computers and information … Continue reading

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Uses of Computers in Medical Clinics

In medical clinics, nowadays, it is a must to have a desktop computer. The computer can be used for explanations and teachings to patients. It can be used for research. It is also used to view CDs brought in by … Continue reading

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Recruitment of Patients under PhilHealth Benefits

In the light of the recent hearings in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee (July 1, 2015) on alleged PhilHealth scam on cataract surgery in which eye centers allegedly recruit patients for the operation, I have this related story to share. … Continue reading

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Lipoma – Submandibular Area

A 67-year-old repair man (cobbler, shoemaker, etc) has a recurrent left submanbibular mass. The mass is beneath the skin; 4-cm in its greatest diameter; feels solid and soft; with well-defined border; movable, and non-tender. The primary clinical diagnosis is a … Continue reading

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Lipoma – Back – Scapular Area

A 56-year-old female with a mass on the back, at the left scapular area. On physical examination, the mass is below the skin; 8 cm in its greatest diameter; feels solid and soft with well-defined border; movable; non-tender. The primary … Continue reading

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