History of ROJoson Health and Clinic Advisories


Beware of santol seed swallowing – 2013-08-09

Medical records of patients – 2013-08-09

Stem cell therapy – 2013-08-10

Medication Safety / Error Related to Drug Labeling and Packaging – Clarity of Name – 2013-08-17

Accredited HMOs -ROJoson Medical Clinic – 2013-09-01

Health-Process-Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines – 2013-09-01

Schedule of Professional Fees from HMOs in the Philippines – 2013-09-04

Beware of Firecrackers-related Injuries – ROJoson Medical Clinic Advisories – 2013-12-24


Accredited HMOs – ROJoson Medical Clinic – 2014-01-01

Filipino Indigent Patients in Need of Colostomy / Urostomy Bags / Appliance – 2014-01-15

How to interpret diagnostic reports? – 2014-06-11

Accredited HMOs – ROJoson Medical Clinic – 2014-06-11


  1. Joel says:

    Gud day!
    Pls allow me to inquire that I have bukol inside my anus.
    Suggest me which type of specialist do I need consult.
    The bukol isn’t painful, it was started as like” mata ng tuko” cebuano version but lately it occurs but is explode by itself that blood and yellowish glands came out.
    I still have regular bowel movement but slight changes in size feel.
    Pls advise

    Thank you
    Joel Togonnon

    • reyojoson says:

      Where are you, in Manila? If yes, see me in my clinic – Manila Doctors Hospital. Call 5224713 for a booked appointment.

      • Argie says:

        Good day.
        I red your article about gallblader polyps. And you mention that there is no need for operation if polyps is less than 1.0 cm.
        I am a seaman ang diagnost with multiple polyps range to .82 cm the largest. What will you suggest? Can you give me a clearance? Pls advice.
        Thank you.

      • reyojoson says:

        Pls. see me in my clinic in Manila Doctors Hospital. Call 5224713. Dr Rey

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