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Fibroadenomas – Simple and Complex

Here are gross pictures of simple and complex fibroadenomas. Simple Fibroadenoma Complex Fibroadenoma ROJ-TPOR@17mar7

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Breast Fibroadenomas: Gross Appearances

Breast fibroadenomas are non-cancerous breast tumors.  They are the most common benign breast tumors. They are circumscribed.  They have well-defined borders. On cut-section, the tumor is white-greyish, lobulated or cauliflower-like resemblance, with a whorl-like pattern and irregularly slit-like spaces. 7-cm fibrodenoma … Continue reading

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Galactocoele, Fibroadenoma and Incision

A 29-year-old presented with a discrete 3-cm mass on her right breast.  She nursed a child 2 years prior.  The ultrasound showed solid well-circumscribed mass.  The primary preoperative diagnosis was a fibroadenoma. The plan of the operation was an excision … Continue reading

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