Breast Cancer Survivor Johanna Gopaco – 10 Years in Remission

Johanna Gopaco from Palawan underwent modified radical mastectomy in March 11, 2010 in Manila Doctors Hospital. She was 32 years old then.  Histopath: invasive ductal carcinoma with negative nodes. She underwent postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy (6 cycles of CAF) in Palawan.  After the chemotherapy, there was no other additional treatment.  She was on symptom-directed cancer surveillance. In March 10, 2020, 3 to 4 months from today (19nov16) [when she came to me for check-up],  she will be 10 years in remission.  She is now 42 years old.  She is happy and wants to serve as an inspiration to other breast cancer patients by having a picture with me.  We both thank God for this long remission.


Her auntie, Raymunda Cresencia, was also my patient before.  Ms. Cresencia was cured of breast cancer and died of causes other than cancer in December 2017 (34 years after being operated for her breast cancer).

In 2013, I posted this:

Breast Cancer Survivor Raymunda Crescencia – 30 Years in Remission


Ms. Raymunda Crescencia, a public school teacher from Palawan, was 38 years old in June 13, 1983 when I did a modified radical mastectomy on right breast cancer in the Philippine General Hospital.  She did not receive any postoperative adjuvant treatment.  Today, July 23, 2013, she came to Manila to see me because of her leg skin problem.  She is now a retired teacher at age 68 and 30 years in remission from her breast cancer.  We both thank God for this very very long remission.  A breast cancer survivor indeed.  A patient cured of breast cancer.


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