Buying Medicine in Drugstore – Quantity – ROJoson Medical Clinic Advisory

Buying the quantity of drugs prescribed by the physician

You are and should not be required to buy the exact quantity of drugs after you are given a prescription by a physician even if you have enough money.
If the medicine prescribed is for one week and is for observation whether it will be effective or not and whether there will be side effects, just buy initially a quantity for a few days, say 2 to 3 days. If no side effects and the medicine is working, go back to the drug store and buy the rest of prescribed quantity.
This is to avoid wastage of the medicines. Physicians may change the medicine in a few days if there is a report of side effects and no improvement. You may find it difficult to return the unused medicine.



Today, 19oct12,  a patient of mine commented that she usually buys medicine in installment (or initially, fewer than the quantity wrote by the physician in the prescription pad). She said this is to avoid wastage (sometimes physician changes the medicine right away and difficulty in returning the medicine).
I told her I have been advising my patients to do the same (not buying initially all the prescribed quantity).
This conversation with the patient prompted me to issue this advisory so that other patients can learn from this approach.
If I prescribe an antibiotic for an infection, although I will put the quantity number of the antibiotic amounting to a full treatment course supply, example 21 capsules, good for 7 days, I will advise the patient to buy good for 3 days initially.  I will advise him or her to observe the outcome of taking the antibiotics for the first 3 days, if there is side-effect and if there is response or not.  If there is no side effect and there is response or at least no progression of the infection, I advise him or her to go back to the drugstore and buy more for the next 4 days.  If there is a side effect or no response, he / she is allowed to call me for a decision making – to change the antibiotics and to shift to another antibiotic.  At times, I give the patient a reserved prescription for an antibiotic that will be substituted in case of side effect and no response to the initial antibiotic.
I try to help my patients in avoiding wastage (including money) in buying medicines.


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