Prayers of Surgeon and Patient Before Operation

Before an operation, the surgeon and the patient can pray these ways together, one after the other:

For the Surgeon to Pray:

Heavenly Father, please take my hands and guide them.

Grant me the strength to help my patient (NAME).

The knowledge and wisdom to diagnose his/her surgical needs.

The skill to perform the needed operation effectively, efficiently and without complications.

 Please be beside me on this operation as I rely on you, the greatest of Healers.


For the Patient to Pray:

Heavenly Father, please grant me full acceptance of the surgery which awaits me.  Let this be the relief which I seek for my medical condition.

Make skilled the work of my surgeon (NAME) and that of his team for it is unto their knowledge and skill that I entrust myself for healing.

I pray that this procedure will be done effectively, efficiently and without complications and that my recovery will be speedy and complete.


ROJ@19aug5; 19sept14

I started this patient-surgeon prayer today – 19aug7 – MDH – patient for left hemicolectomy.

When I was doing the surgery, I thought of the prayers that I and my patient prayed just before anesthesia was given. The prayers made me more mindful of what I have to do in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and avoiding complications. After seeing and palpated the cancer and adherent to the peritoneal wall, after seeing the splenic flexure of the colon was high up in the left upper quadrant, I decided to increase the length of my midline incision, at the upper part. This was to reduce the risk of spleen lacerations when I mobilized the splenic flexure. I was successful in avoiding this risk (no resultant bleeding). When I palpated the presence of mesenteric lymph nodes, I slowed down and meticulously included them in the resection avoiding laceration to the big blood vessels. I approached the tumor last carefully excising a good margin of the peritoneal wall and was able to remove the whole tumor en bloc, in one big piece with good margins. When I was doing the intestinal anastomosis, I was mindful and vigilant of doing a good one,ensuring viable ends (with good blood supply and pinkish), placing sutures at a good distance between each other, etc.. In short, doing it effectively, efficiently and vigilant against complications. YES, THE PRAYERS THAT MY PATIENT AND I PRAYED BEFORE ANESTHESIA WAS GIVEN MADE ME MORE MINDFUL OF WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO PROMOTE AN EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT OPERATION AND TO BE VIGILANT AGAINST COMPLICATIONS. I HOPE GOD GRANT US THESE THINGS THAT I AND MY PATIENT ASK.

Prayers for effective, efficient operations, without complications and speedy recovery

Started this practice on 19aug7.

19aug7 – MT – MDH – Left hemicolectomy – Outcome: with complication of anastomotic leak, being managed conservatively (19aug16); anastomotic leak no more (19sept14)

19aug9 – SC – PGH – Total thyroidectomy – Outcome: NO COMPLICATION

19aug14 – AA – PGH – Left hemicolectomy – Outcome: with abdominal distention 2nd day postop (I considered surgical complications and prayed more) – abdominal distention turned out to be ileus – patient subsequently discharged in 10 days time.

19aug15 – EQ – MDH – Modified radical mastectomy – Outcome: NO COMPLICATION


Patient for thyroidectomy praying with me – 19aug9
Huge thyroid cancer
We prayed for an effective, efficient operation without complications. Operation done within 3 hours with all tumors removed. No need for blood transfusion.

19sept14 – Edited the prayer:

…… greatest of healers (Healers)

……..the (my) surgeon


Praying with patient before mastectomy




prayer_before an operation_surgeon_patient_roj_19aug5

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