Breast Cancer Survivor Richilda Durana – 15 Years in Remission

I saw Ms. Richilda Durana recently for check-up of her breast cancer.  She flew in from Cotabato City.

She is now 15 years in remission and going 16 already.

In 2014, I posted the following:

Ms. Richilda Durana from Cotabato City had a breast cancer for which I did a modified radical mastectomy in March 13, 2004 in Manila Doctors Hospital.    Breast cancer mass was 3 cm and axillary nodes were negative for spread.  She did not receive any adjuvant treatment after the operation.  I saw her recently when she came to me for her annual check-up.  She is now 61  years old  and 10 years in remission.  We both thank God for this long remission.

Here was our picture in 2014:

richilda_durano_14nov4 (1)

Our latest picture together in July 2019 (5 year after from 2014):


She is now 66 years old – 15 years in remission and going 16 years.

I remember teaching her how to do an intentional life plan targeting 70 years old.  She has 4 years to go in the implementation of her intentional life plan.  So far so good, 15 years in remission, without chemotherapy, without hormonal therapy.

Ms. Richilda asked me to post our pictures to give inspiration to other people, especially Filipinos.


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