Price Watch – Operating Room Expenses

As of 19feb10:


Excision cyst/ wart/ mole / lipoma – P1650.00


Eurocaine 2% polyamp (5ml) – P22.50


Cautery use minor – P440.00

REM Polyhesive II Cautery Plate, Adult, Valleylab – P272.00

Cotton Balls, Sterile, 5 pcs – P22.00

Gauze Sponge 4x4x8, 10 pcs – P50.00

Disposable container, 100 ml – P17.00

Vicryl 4-0, FS2, 70 cm (J&J) – P564.00

Surgical Gloves – P46.00

Surgical Blade – P25.00

Syringe 10 cc with needle – P16.50

Hypodermic needle G25 – P5.00

Histopath medium – P2700,00


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