Breast Cancer Survivor Angeles Politico – 32 Years in Remission

Breast cancer survivor for 32 years as of December 2018, Angeles Politico,from San Pedro, Laguna, is now 83 years old. I did a modified radical mastectomy (total mastectomy and axillary dissection) on her left breast in 1986 (she was 51 years old then) in Manila Doctors Hospital . Histopath showed infiltrating ductal carcinoma. The axillary lymph nodes that were removed during the operation were negative for spread of cancer. After the operation, she received 6 cycles of chemotherapy consisting of intravenous cyclophosphamide and 5-fluorouracil. NO hormonal assay. NO hormonal treatment. She came to consult me today, June 18, 2011, for a 1-cm right breast mass. I did a needle evaluation with aspiration and got 1 cc of brownish fluid followed by complete disappearance of the mass. My diagnosis for her right breast mass was MACROCYST. Thus, she continues to be in remission, no breast cancer recurrence, enjoying her life as a breast cancer survivor.

We both thank God for this long remission.

She asked me to publish her story and picture in the NET to serve as an inspiration of hope to all Filipino breast cancer patients.

Every year, every December, she attends the MDH Cancer Crusaders Club Get-together and Christmas Party.  She was present in the 31st MDH Cancer Crusaders Club Annual Get-Together last December 2, 2018.


Picture taken in 2011

Angeles Politico ROJ 11jun18


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