Armpit Furuncle and Folliculitis

Inflammation and infection of hairs in the armpit leads to armpit furuncle (singe hair follicle is involved) and armpit folliculitis (multiple hair follicles are involved).

Most women remove their armpit hairs.  Regardless of types of methods of armpit hair removal (shaving, plucking, depilators, waxing, laser removal, etc.), there is a risk for armpit furuncles and folliculitis to develop.  Hygiene is the key to preventionWashing with bland soap and water is the mainstay in the treatment of furuncles and folliculitis until the inflammation and infection subside.  Antibiotics and drainage of pus may be added when indicated.

Below are some pictures of armpit furuncles and folliculitis I sorted from the Internet (courtesy of the owners):

Armpit Furunculosis


Armpit Folliculitis (different degrees and extent)






After drainage of folliculitis



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