Usual Schedule of Professional Fees of HMOs in the Philippines – 2018

Professional fees for outpatient services:

Consultation Fee – P350 / visit

Professional Fees for surgical and gynecologic cases:

These fees will be based on the Relative Unit Value (R.U.V.) published by the Philippine College of Surgeons (2009)

OPD Ward                                                           110 x RUV

Semi-Private Room                                         115 x RUV

Private Room                                                     120 x RUV

Suite Room                                                         125 x RUV

Professional Fees for Anesthesiologists: 1/3 of the surgeon’s fee.

Professional fees for Inpatient Services

Ward                                                                     600.00 / day

Semi-private                                                       750.00 / day

Private                                                                  850.00 / day

Suite                                                                      1,200.00/ day

ICU                                                                         1,400.00 / day

PCS RVS 2009



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