Hugging Patients

Currently, I have two extraordinary patients in the way they regard me as their physician.

These two patients would hug me after every consultation visit with me.  One is a female thyroid cancer patient.  The other is a female breast cancer patient.

Today, the breast cancer patient visited me for a medical consultation.  After the consultation, as she has been doing before, she told me “pa-hug doktor.”  Her husband was with her.  Today, I commented: “is this for good luck purpose?”  “No” she said.  She continued: “It is just like what you said in your ‘Delightful Feedback to Me in your Facebook.’  Don’t wait for necrological services to show appreciation for someone.  I am very thankful for what you have done to me and I want to express my continual appreciation with a hug every time I see you.”

I was so touched by this explanation.  I felt the same reason being given to me by the thyroid cancer patient who also always hugs me when she sees me.

Thank you very much, hugging patients.  I love and appreciate your gesture.


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