If you’ve thought about breast cancer …

If you’ve thought about breast cancer …

A Breast Self-Examination Brochure

Reynaldo O. Joson, MD

Circa 1985

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancers that afflicts Filipino women.

It is killing many Filipino women because these cancers are usually discovered late and they are usually treated late.

At present, no one knows exactly what causes breast cancers.  So there is little anyone can do to prevent it.

But it is known that breast cancer is most treatable and curable when the tumor is small.

So, your best chance against breast cancer is to discover it early while it is still small and have it treated as early as possible.

The best and the most practical, and the most economical way of detecting breast cancer rests in a health habit called breast self-examination (BSE).

You examine your own breasts regularly at least once a month, so that you become familiar with the usual appearance and feel of your breasts.  Familiarity makes it easier to notice any change in the breasts from one month to another.  Early discovery of a change from what is “normal” is the main idea behind BSE.

If you are menstruating regularly, the best time to do BSE is one week after your period ends.  This is when your breasts are least likely to be tender or swollen.

If you no longer menstruate, pick a day, such as the first day of the month, to remind yourself it is time to do BSE.

You can do your BSE while you are taking a bath or at anytime at your convenience.

If you find something unusual or abnormal, consult a breast specialist for an examination.

Most breast lumps are not serious, but all should come to the doctor’s attention for an expert opinion after appropriate examination.  Only a physician can make sure of the diagnosis.  So see him right away and give yourself a peace of mind.

If it’s cancer, chances are you have discovered it early.  With early treatment, this can save your life.

Breast self-examination (BSE):

A breast check

  • so simple
  • costs nothing
  • yet so important
  • and life-saving!

Keep up this important health habit for the rest of your life.
Reynaldo O. Joson, MD


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