Psoriasis and Cancers

There are reports saying that patients with psoriasis have increased risk for other cancers.

I have a patient (BA) who is now in the 80s who has breast cancer in 1998 before the appearance of her psoriasis and who went on to develop another breast cancer in 2011 (on the opposite side) and then basal cell carcinoma in 2017 (skin cancer on the trunk).  A wide excision of the skin cancer was done after no response to topical steroid medication for 2 months.  Because of black color, I initially suspected melanoma. However, histopath showed basal cell carcinoma.


For the skin cancer, it is said:

“Research does suggest that the use of ultraviolet light therapy to help heal psoriasis patches may increase the odds of developing squamous cell carcinoma—especially in patients who have at least 250 ultraviolet light therapy treatments.”

ROJoson’s medical plan for the patient:

Will closely monitor development for other skin cancer as well as other cancers.



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