Patient saved from unnecessary thyroid operation – MF – March 2015

MF (Fernandez), 63 years old, female, with a 3-cm thyroid nodule on the right.

Told to have an operation before consulting me for a second opinion in March 2015.

I did a needle evaluation and aspiration.  I got 3 cc of brown colloid fluid and the size of the mass was dramatically reduced in size.   My diagnosis was a colloid adenomatous nodule.  I prescribed levothyroxine.   After one month, the thyroid nodule was 2.5 cm.  After another month, it reduced to 2 cm.  In 6 to7 months, there was complete disappearance of a palpable thyroid nodule.

She is now on levothyroxine maintenance.

Last follow-up on October 2017, more than one and a half years after start of treatment, there was still no palpable thyroid nodule nor thyroid enlargement.

The patient does not need to undergo thyroid surgery afterall.


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