Thyroid patient saved from surgery – rabendan – 2017

Ms. R. Abendan, 68-year-old Filipina, consulted me in February 2017 for a second opinion.  She was advised a thyroid operation by another surgeon.

When I saw the patient, my impression was a multiple colloid adenomatous goiter.  I did a needle evaluation and aspiration biopsy and the latter showed consistent with colloid nodule.  I advised R. Abendan a trial of medical therapy.  The biggest thyroid mass was 4 cm in size.

I started with a low dose of levothyroxine and then gradually increase it to a higher dose.  In one month’s time (March 2017), the 4-cm mass shrunk to 1-2 cm.  I have been maintaining her on this medicine.

On October 2017 – she had a follow-up with me.  Clinically, there was only about 1-cm palpable nodule on the right side.  I am maintaining her on the levothyroxine.

The ultrasound done in June 2017 showed marked decrease in the sizes of the nodules from the largest of 4 cm to subcentimeters (less than one centimeter) on ultrasound.

Note the comparison of  the June 2017 ultrasound to the Deceomber 2016 ultrasound (prior to start of levothyroxine).

Note the decrease from 4 cm to subcentimeter (less than one centimeter) on ultrasound.

December 2016 ultrasound result:



June 2017 ultrasound result:


R. Abendan is one of the hundreds of thyroid patients whom I have saved from unnecessary thyroid surgery since 1985 when I started doing needle evaluation and aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules in my clinic.







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