Ganglion cysts on the hand, wrist and thumb

3 different patients.

Ganglion cyst at the dorsum of the hand treated by needle aspiration.

ganglion_cyst_vicky_101_october 11

ganglion_cyst_vicky_02_october 11

ganglion_cyst_vicky_03october 11

ganglion_cyst_vicky_3_october 11

ganglion_cyst_vicky_1_october 11

ganglion_cyst_vicky_5_october 11

Recurrent ganglion cyst at the wrist joint treated by needle aspiration.

ganglion_cyst_lou_2_october 11

ganglion_cyst_lou_3_october 11

Ganglion cyst (or mucus cyst) on the thumb treated by needle aspiration.


ganglion_cyst_roj_17oct10 (1)

ganglion_cyst_roj_17oct10 (3)


ganglion_cyst_roj_17oct10 (4)

ganglion_cyst_roj_17oct10 (5)


Ganglion cysts are noncancerous lumps that most commonly develop along the tendons or joints of your wrists or hands. They also may occur in the ankles and feet. Ganglion cysts are typically round or oval and are filled with a jellylike fluid.

If your ganglion cyst is causing you problems, your doctor may suggest trying to drain the cyst with a needle. Removing the cyst surgically also is an option. But if you have no symptoms, no treatment is necessary. In many cases, the cysts go away on their own.

From Mayo Clinic

ROJoson’s Advices:

Recommendations: (Health-Process-Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines on Treatment of Ganglion Cysts of Wrist)

  1. Option for observation, if ganglion cyst is small (about 1 cm), and patient refuses active treatment.   Spontaneous resolution in 58% of cases.
  2. Needle aspiration – initial active treatment, may be repeated if with recurrence.
  3. Needle aspiration with injection of substance – if with persistent recurrence, say 3 or more.
  4. Excision – if with persistent recurrence despite needle aspiration or if with persistent recurrence despite needle aspiration with injection of substance

Recommended reading:


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