Recurrent Pigmented Basal Cell Ca – Face

Recurrent pigmented basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) – face.

Status post excision-biopsy in 2014.  Pigmented basal cell ca with tumor on the lateral margins..

Six months prior to present consult and operation (2017), recurrence of scattered pigmented superficial skin lesions on both side of the scar of previous excision.

A wide excision with 2-mm margin was done under local anesthesia.







The histopathology result showed 0.5 cm basal cell carcinoma with negative tumor at the basal and lateral margins.

ROJoson Insights:

Usually, older patients are afflicted with basal cell carcinomas. This patient was only 35 years old.  Alas, any thing is possible in medicine and in a life of a person. Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun is said to be the usual cause or risk factor. This patient did not have this risk factor.  Alas, we don’t know and will not be able to know the exact cause of basal cell carcinoma in this patient.  Thus, there is no definitive way of prevention except just to try one’s best not to be exposed excessively to ultraviolet rays and then hope for the best that it will not develop again in her.


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