HMO Consultation Forms

If there is such a thing as “make my day,” there is also “ruin my day.”

Seeing this form from an HMO company ruin my day.


In 2016, I wrote:

“The clinic or consultation forms that these HMOs have been sending to me need to be improved as they contain minimal space for entry of my medical recordings.  I usually end up with minimal entries and therefore minimal explanations.  Some do not even provide a space for pertinent physical exam findings. I wonder how the HMOs keep track of the health of their clients in the face of lack of data in their clinic forms.”

Today, I received this slip instead of a half- or full-bond-paper-sized form.

How much entries can I put in the small “Doctor Section – Diagnosis” before I place my signature?


Here are other similar samples of HMO forms like that mentioned above:







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