Multinodular Toxic Goiter, Multinodular Colloid Adenomatous Goiter, and Papillary Carcinoma

A Filipino female being treated as multinodular toxic goiter (based on elevation of FT4 and depression of TSH and multinodular goiter).

Underwent an operation – January 2017.

Intraoperative Findings:

Multiple colloid adenomatous nodules and nodularly enlarged thyroid gland, bilateral

1-cm hard mass with ill-defined border, left lobe, dirty white on cut-section – papillary carcinoma


Intraoperative diagnosis: multiple colloid adenomatous goiter with papillary carcinoma on the left lobe.

Operation done: total thyroidectomy


Multinodular toxic goiter, multiple colloid adenomatous goiter and papillary thyroid carcinoma can be seen in a patient


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