Imaging of the Neck – Ultrasound and CT Scan – Differing Results

A female with imaging of the neck done in December 2016.

Ultrasound of the neck


CT Scan of the Neck


See the differing results.

One right thyroid mass (3m), complex, on CT Scan and multiple solid nodules on both thyroid lobes on Ultrasound of the neck (2 on the right and one on the left).

No cervical lymphadenopathy on CT Scan and bilateral lymphadenopathy on Ultrasound.

On physical examination of the neck, a palpable dominant mass was noted on the right lobe. No palpable lateral lymph nodes.

How do you decide considering the differing results of the imaging procedures as well as the physical examination findings?

At the moment, the clinician’s primary clinical diagnosis is colloid adenomatous nodule and the secondary clinical diagnosis is thyroid cancer.

A needle evaluation and aspiration biopsy was done on the palpable thyroid nodule.

After gross evaluation of the thyroid aspirate, the clinician maintained his primary diagnosis of colloid adenomatous nodule.


The aspiration-biopsy result showed colloid nodule.

A clinical examination and needle evaluation and aspiration biopsy help in resolving the dilemma of differing imaging results.



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