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Cancers in Two Breasts and Still in Remission

It is possible for patients to have breast cancers in their two breasts and still survive and be in long-term remission. Today, I encountered two such patients. BA, 77-year-old female had a breast cancer in her left breast in 1988 (age … Continue reading

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Diagnostic Yield vs Diagnostic Accuracy

Strictly speaking, there is a difference between diagnostic yield and diagnostic accuracy. Diagnostic yield is the likelihood that a test or procedure will provide the information needed to establish a diagnosis. Diagnostic accuracy is  the degree to which a measurement, or an … Continue reading

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Satisfied Relatives of Patient

No physician will be able to cure and save all patients from dying.  This is a reality.  There is an aphorism that runs like this: Cure sometimes, relieve often, comfort and care always. I received the text message below from a … Continue reading

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Linitis Plastica of the Stomach

A senior-citizen patient had a stomach cancer discovered on endoscopy in March 2016.  A total gastrectomy was done.  The operative findings showed linitis plastica of the stomach. Gastric or stomach linitis plastica is the medical term for a rare type … Continue reading

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