Hemangiosarcoma of the Breast

Hemangiosarcoma of the breast is very rare.  It is a type of breast cancer.

I encountered this in a 22-year-old female patient in 2015.  She had a dominant mass with ill-defined border.  I was initially thinking of a severe fibrocystic changes.  However, with the persistence of the mass and the presence of a mass with ill-defined border on ultrasound, I recommended an operation.  I did a wide excision under general anesthesia. During the operation, I was still thinking it was an unusual type of fibrocystic changes. Note the pinkish lesion at the left upper portion of the picture.  Note also the pinkish lesion blended into the main breast substance with no clear border.   Unfortunately, the histopathology report turned out to be a hemangiosarcoma of the breast.  I lost this patient to follow-up.


Hemangiosarcomas of the breast are very rare.  They tend to occur in young women, about 20 to 40 years old.  Prognosis in general is very poor despite treatment with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  High grade breast hemangiosarcomas are historically very aggressive and on average most patients do not survive beyond 15 months following diagnosis.

Breast cancer usually occurs in older persons but, though rare, it can also occur in young patients, as young as 22 years old as in this case and at times, even younger.

Breast cancer can be seen in anybody at any age.  Be on the look-out and have it treated right away.



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