Hyperparathyroidism, Secondary, Chronic Renal Disease

44 years old / female with chronic renal disease, on dialysis, with persistently high parathyroid hormone levels and low calcium, with calcium deposits on right shoulder labeled as myositis ossificans on x-ray, negative sestamibi scan.

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (1)

With right shoulder deformity – due to calcium deposition on the soft tissue particularly on the muscles.

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (3)

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (7)

Calcifications on the soft tissue of right shoulder

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (4)

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (13)

Left parathyroids – hyperplastic (enlarged)

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (20)

Right parathyroids – hyperplastic (enlarged)

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (21)

The 4 hyperplastic parathyroids – largest at right upper – about 2 cm.

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (22)

Neck incision for the parathyroidectomy

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (23)

One parathyroid at the left lower chosen to be minced and transplanted – one half of the whole – about 3 mm.

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (25)

Minced parathyroid

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (26)

Minced parathyroid placed in a pocket in the left sternocleidomastoid muscle (arms full of scars and with arteriovenous fistula)

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (27)

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (29)

Closure of pocket with silk suture to facilitate identification if there is a need to do a reduction of the parathyroid in the future

hyperparathyroidism_mt_44_renal_16jun1 (33)

Resultant neck incisions – parathyroidectomy and parathyroid transplantation


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