ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations – 2000 and 2013 (#28 and #29))

Ms. Helen Almazan relayed to me that she was scheduled in 2010 for operation for her breast masses by another surgeon.  I did a needle aspiration and the masses completely disappeared.  The breast masses were just macrocysts.  In May 2016, she had a breast check-up with me and there was no recurrence of the masses and breast findings were normal.  She was happy to recall her experience and narrated it to me.   I am also happy to have saved this Ms. Almazan from an unnecessary breast operations.

Ms. FC Castillo, a 32-year-old female was scheduled to have a breast mass operation before she consulted me for a second opinion in May 2016.  She had a breast mass and she also had a recent history of lactation.  My clinical diagnosis was a galactocoele.  I just did a needle aspiration and I was correct.  She did not have to undergo a breast mass excision.


Below is my updated registry of patients saved from unnecessary breast operations.






History of ROJoson’s Project: ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations – June 23, 2012 (Start of Registry)

Posted on June 23, 2012

Today, June 23, 2012, I had a patient, Elizabeth_C, 40s, a sewer, whom I saved from an unnecessary breast operation.  She had a macrocyst which I just aspirated.   Prior to seeing me, she was advised by another physician to have a breast operation.   No doubt, as a result of what I did, she was very thankful to me as I saved her from an unnecessary breast operation. I have experienced a lot of this kind of situation before, that is, patients advised to have breast operations but which to me are not necessary, either just a needle aspiration is needed or the patient just has a fibrocystic breast condition, which is considered normal. Today, June 23, 2012, I start a project dubbed as “Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations.”  I will make a registry of patients whom I have saved from unnecessary breast operations.   The main inclusion criterion will be those patients who were previously advised to have a breast operation (one that is more than a needle evaluation and aspiration with or without biopsy) and after my evaluation, I decided it is not needed and the patient appreciated my recommendation.  I will target a total of 50 patients in the registry.  I can backtrack, meaning those patients that I have saved from unnecessary breast operations even before June 23, 2012 can be included in the registry. This will be another legacy that I will leave behind for my patients.  The other one that I have started in December 2011 is the ROJoson’s Cancer Survivors in which I am also using “50″ as a target.   As of December 11, 2012, I already have 50 survivors in the registry.  I have reached my target.  As of April 2016, I already have 113 survivors in the registry. The ROJoson’s Cancer Survivors and the ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations will be two of my end-points in which I can say I have lived a life that matters.


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