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How to make and archive personal medical records

It a must for all persons in this earth to establish and develop a system of making, keeping, and maintaining personal medical records and to ensure their accessibility at all times.  It is important to have the personal medical records … Continue reading

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Clinician’s Diagnosis vs Pathologist’s Diagnosis

Clinician’s Diagnosis vs Pathologist’s Diagnosis There are instances in medical practice that the clinician’s diagnosis does not jibe with the pathologist’s diagnosis or vice versa.  What to do then, especially for the clinician who is ultimately the one in charge … Continue reading

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ROJoson’s Patients Saved from Unnecessary Breast Operations – February 11, 2016 (#25)

Ms. NE, a 55-year-old Filipina came to me for a second opinion.  She was advised to have a breast mass excision and asked to prepare P10K. When I palpated her breasts, there was no dominant mass, just fibrocystic changes.  She did … Continue reading

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A Doctor’s Prayer

A gift from Irene Labitad in January 6, 2010.   Dear Lord, You are the greatest Healer, All life and health comes from you Without Your blessing and Your grace, There is nothing I can do.   I thank You … Continue reading

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Galactocoele, Fibroadenoma and Incision

A 29-year-old presented with a discrete 3-cm mass on her right breast.  She nursed a child 2 years prior.  The ultrasound showed solid well-circumscribed mass.  The primary preoperative diagnosis was a fibroadenoma. The plan of the operation was an excision … Continue reading

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