Hemangioma Below the Skin

Hemangiomas develop when a group of blood vessels form into a mass or lump.  They are more of a vascular malformation rather than neoplastic or newgrowth. If a categorization is to be placed, hemangiomas are benign or non-cancerous conditions.   The definitive cause is not known.

Hemangiomas can develop in any parts of the body, on the surface on the skin and deep inside the body such as the liver and brain.

Here is an elderly patient with subcutaneous (located beneath the skin in the fatty layer) hemangioma on the left arm just above the elbow.

Subcutaneous hemangioma is suspected when there is a palpable mass below the skin that transmit a color reflective of blood (bluish or reddish).

In this patient, note the bluish discoloration on the surface.



Note the formation of group of venous vessels into a lump or mass.




Treatment consisted of excision of the hemangioma.


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