Anecdote – Patient Queuing for a Medical Consult – May 16, 2015

15may16 – When I was making rounds at ManilaMed at 8am, while waiting in the elevator, I overheard a lady saying to the effect that her boss asked her to go to ManilaMed early to queue in a doctor’s clinic as the doctor’s system of seeing patients is on a basis of first come first serve. She said she would just call her boss to go to ManilaMed when it’s about time the doctor is ready to see her boss.

This reminds me of the new system I am doing since February 1, 2015 for my patient consultation – booking for an appointment time. After 3 months of deployment with pilot testing and orientation, I am happy with the result.

Those who booked for an appointment time are being seen as early as the booked appointment time without waiting to some waiting, but not for more than one hour.

I got no negative but only positive feedback.

I am happy to see I am doing a big service to my patients, not to waste their precious time just waiting for doctors.

Patients, just like doctors, have their own life to live and want and should be given the right to manage their time in living their life to the fullest.

This is another legacy I like to leave to my patients.


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