Are you counting marbles? I Do! (March 22, 2015)

ROJoson Counting Marbles @65to75@520

Counting marbles is about reminding us of the limited time that we have on earth and that we should make each week and day count as much as possible in terms of doing what matters most for our loved ones and for ourself. It is also about prioritizing things in our life.

I have been counting my marbles since I was 45 years old (in 1994).

With my new life plan (from February 2014 to January 2024 – 10 years – age 65 to 75), I restarted marble counting.

If one marble will be equivalent to one week, I have 520 marbles in my jar at the start of February 2014 (10 years x 52 weeks per year) to keep track of.


ROJoson Counting Marbles_2015_15mar22

ROJoson Counting Marbles_2015_HSP_rj_15amr22

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