Regular Self-examination of a Person’s Body and Its Parts

Regular self-examination of a person’s body and its parts is being advocated as a strategy for early detection of diseases that may unfortunately affected them.

A person can usually do a self-examination by “looking” and “feeling” or “touching” his whole body as well as the parts that are readily visible and touchable by the eyes and hands.  Examples of parts that can easily be subjected to self-examination are: face; oral cavity; neck; chest; breast; abdomen; genitalia; extremities (upper and lower); and skin.

There are a lot of educational materials in the Net that one can study and use them as guides to do self-examination of the body and its parts.

My personal advice: Do self-examination of your body regularly and thoroughly as it will be of tremendous help in the early detection of diseases that you may one day unfortunately and unavoidably acquire.  Rely more on yourself than on the physician for the early detection of diseases as you are in the better position to do that because you can “look” and “feel”or “touch” your body all the time and anytime.  If you detect anything unusual in your self-examination, consult a physician right away.

NOTE: In the future, I will share with you my writings and recommended readings on self-examination of a person’s body.

For now, you can visit the following:

Concepts of Self-examination of a Person’s Body and Its Parts

Barriers and Facilitators to Self-examination of Body Parts

ROJoson’s Breast Self-examination (BSE) for the Filipino Females

ROJoson’s Skin and Soft Tissue Self-examination (SSTSE) for Filipinos

ROJoson’s Head and Neck Self-examination (HNSE) for Filipinos


How to Check Your Breast (with video)(


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